Tell us about the Golf section!
The Woolston Club golf section is a great club to join, whether you’re a seasoned golfer or fancy picking up a new hobby!

Are beginners welcome? 
Games are open to anyone who can play golf, new players and beginners are welcome, male or female of all ages. If you don't have a handicap we give you a club one.

When do you meet?
We play on the second Sunday of each month at different Christchurch courses. The games are always displayed on the noticeboard of the Woolston Club with the start times. Each game leads up to a club championship at the end of the year.

Ok, I want to join, who do I speak to?
For more information, contact: 
Colin Sweeney phone 021 456 791, Email
Murray Turnbull phone 027 221 4004 
Graeme Birchfield phone 027 223 8592

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