Tell us about the Billiards & Snooker section!
At The Woolston Club we have a billiards and snooker room which is available for any member of the club to use! As a member of the billiards & snooker section you get to meet other members of the club who enjoy playing for fun and for competitions. 

Are beginners welcome? 
We welcome players of all abilities.  

When do you meet?
Several of our players play in the Canterbury Billiards and Snooker Inter Club competitions which run from March until November. The Canterbury Billiards & Snooker Association is also part of the Woolston Club so on most weekends of the year we have tournaments taking place at the club. 

Ok, I want to join, who do I speak to?
For more information please ring:
Peter Logan on 03 332 2382 / 027 212 6995
or Peter De Groot on 03 980 0693
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