Tell us about the Cashmere Tech section!
Being “the best” is what we aspire to. That is how we were described in The Herald newspaper at the end of the 2014 season - “the best football club in New Zealand”. Have we achieved our goal? No! We can be better, much better! Being “the best” is about more than our MPL or WPL teams winning national titles (though each of us is proud of all their achievements!).
For us, being the best means:
  • giving our young players the best opportunities and resources in Christchurch to be the best they can be 
  • to provide a strong sense of belonging amongst all our players and families 
  • to provide first class facilities for training and play 
  • to provide national exposure to our age-group teams 
  • to provide a safe and fun and nurturing environment for our young players 
  • to provide our youth with role models 
  • to provide a mature, inclusive social environment for all our seniors 
  • to promote quality football and excellent conduct amongst our players, our fans, and our wider community 
  • to provide a game to whoever wants to play 
We are a team of dedicated volunteers, and over 1200 players! The largest football club in South Island. 

Are beginners welcome? 
We give all ages , male and female the opportunity to play football at any level they want to. You can be involved at many levels and in many ways. You can be a player, a ref, a coach, a committee member or a supporter. Beginners are always welcome. While most beginners are young children, older children can come to the game at an older age and become very good players. We also have men and women coming to the game as adults that have played other codes when they were young and want to involved in a team sport again.

When do you meet?
Football training happens every day of the week from close of school to 9.00pm. We have two flood lit parks and many other playing fields. We have two full time coaches plus many more volunteers coaches with vast experience. Socially the club is based at the Woolston Club with clubrooms on a Saturday from 5.00pm.

Ok, I want to join, who do I speak to?
For more information you can visit: Or contact Lindsay Clement at The Woolston Club on 027 211 1733
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