Tell us about the Quoits section!
Quoits is an old sport and there are not many clubs still playing, but at the Woolston Club it is alive and kicking!

The object of the game is to get the rope ring on a pin at the opposite end of the playing pitch by tossing high and getting to the distance of 33 feet. Another way to score is by getting your quoits as close to the pin as possible without going out of the square boundary. It is also important to try and shift your competitors quoits out. There are trophies to play for but the object of the afternoon is to have fun, get exercise that's not too strenuous, and be out in the fresh air and sunshine whilst enjoying the company of friendly people.

Subs are $10 for 1 person and $15 per couple, we encourage partners to join as social members so they can attend our games and functions during the year. Everyone helps to make the days successful.

Are beginners welcome? 
Quoits can be played by anyone young or old. Everyone is happy to show people the ropes and all encouragement is given.

Members who can no longer play still come along to enjoy the company and the laughter. We also have fun days with other sections trying their sports as well. The main aim is to have fun!

When do you meet?
The season starts in September and runs until May.

We play most Saturdays at Woolston Club starting around 1pm. We also go to two other clubs to compete and they come to us.

We are a very social section and get together on a Friday night at the club to sell raffles for our fundraising so we can have refreshments and nibbles at our competition games.

Ok, I want to join, who do I speak to?
For further information please contact either:
Peter Scollard (Chairman) 09 814 753 or 027 498 1802
Suzanne Talbot (Sec/treas) 027 342 4743
Terry Thian (Club Captain) 03 882 852 or 027 487 0612
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